What is Cybele Microbiome?

Our AI platform can discover targeted prebiotics that produce endogenous compounds in place;
long-lasting, natural, and effective ways of creating active ingredients. 

— We discover products that solve problems —

We help companies to understand how their products affect the microbiome and human systems.

— We help you to understand how your products work —

We have methods to discover biomarkers for new product development and future diagnostics. 

— We help monitor and gather information for future diagnosis —


Why Cybele?

At Cybele Microbiome we bring innovation and precision to ingredient discovery and manufacturing.

We create products with data-backed science that improves health.

We are a team with unparalleled expertise in the human microbiome.

Our goal is to be educators and ambassadors for using the microbiome to empower people and create new possibilities for health and the environment.



Want to see how well our products and process works?

See for yourself by trying our Rulo skincare brand.

We target redness, itchiness, and dryness with our topical products.



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