Harnessing the Microbiome - Helping Humanity


We are not alone. When we look around the earth, we see a vast array of different kinds of organisms. Besides visible plants and animals, there is an even more vast world of microscopic bacteria, single celled organisms, and viruses that are essential to all forms of life, on every part of the planet. Every human being is colonized with as many non-human microorganisms as human cells.

Recently, advances in next-generation genetic sequencing methods and decreases in computational costs have allowed this world of non-human microorganisms to be studied and understood in ways never before possible, yielding rich new biomarkers and a wealth of new biological information. At Cybele Microbiome, we are business savvy scientists harnessing our expertise in the microbiome, and creating valuable new products.


Founder and CEO

Dedicated to the commercialization of metagenomic technologies, Nicole is passionate about creating product value derived from the microbiome. She started Cybele Microbiome out of her over 18 years of experience in genetics and “-omics.” She received her PhD from the University of Michigan in Human Genetics. Her statistical and quantitative expertise in genetics gave her a solid grounding for a diverse set of experiences— ranging from business strategy and development, intellectual property, and fundraising to sample collection, sample processing, and analysis.


Co-founder and CSO

Eddie has over 20 years of experience in commercializing technologies and product development in biotechnology. Eddie received his Ph.D., in Biological Chemistry from MIT and hasn't looked back. Eddie has expertise in microbiome sample preparation and multiple patents and products in this space, having previously worked at the Quantum Dot Corporation, DNAe, and MO BIO Laboratories.